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What words do you want to hear before you say the two most important words you’ll ever utter:     I do!

If you’re reading this you are either getting hitched, helping some else get hitched, or you’re just eating a tub of ice cream and making future plans (future plans and ice cream go together).  Either way:  you found me!  

My name is Marc and I marry people.  A long time ago (ok, 5 years ago), my best friends Dan and Amy told me they were getting married and that after a lot of discussion they would like me to officiate their wedding.  First few thoughts I had went something like this:  What!?  Two people I love are getting married?!  Two people I love are getting married and they want me to be a part of it?   OH MY GOSH - Is this legal?!

At the time I barely understood marriage but I was suddenly in love with the concept.  I was ecstatic!  Then I did what I always do: I asked why?  Why me? 

Then my friends Dan and Amy, friends whom I most often only communicate through  jokes and over drinks, waxed on about past conversations we’d had about relationships.  We had spoken about emotional intelligence and love.  Dan told me he knew I’d keep it entertaining, that I understood what the day meant to them both and how to marry those two elements into one speech.  Then Amy said what was most important to me: above all, they trusted me.

Cut to me crying... like ugly crying.  I could not wait to marry my friends!!

I dove in.  I set up a schedule for each of them to talk about what they wanted to hear, and what they did NOT want to hear.  I had lots of questions: What was important about their circumstances?   What was significant about those in attendance?  I'm not a priest so was faith an important element in this ceremony for them? What about their faith did they want spoken about  and should we touch on their understanding of it?  I asked for them to tell me about love and how they’ve come to know it.  These conversations are still so vivid in my head;  I’ve had the privilege of having these conversations with many couples since.  

I love these conversations and I’d love to have these conversations with you!  After that first wedding someone in attendance asked if I could officiate their wedding. 

So I did! 

Then another person asked me to officiate their wedding...

So I did! 

And so it goes...

The truth is: Every couple is unique.  Every ceremony I’ve officiated over is unique.  Like each couple, the words are ALWAYS different and that has become another reason why I love doing this so much.  It’s always different but it’s always the happiest days of two peoples lives, and they always become some of my happiest days as well.  So... what words do you want to hear before you say the two most important words you’ll ever utter: I do!  

My name is Marc and I'd love to help you with that. 

I can help you with:

  • A custom ceremony speech with everything you want in it (and nothing you don't want in it).  Even as couples come together, people sometimes look for different things on their big day.  I will help counsel both of you so everyone gets what they want!
  • Planning, orchestrating, and managing the wedding rehearsal.  Walking down the aisle may be something you've planned in your head since you were a kid... but none of your groomsmen and bridesmaids have given it any thought.  Let me help get everyone on the same page while making it a great time!
  • Coordinating with photographers, DJs, Bands. You've paid all of these different people for their services on your wedding day, but chances are they won't be at the rehearsal.  I can help fill in the gaps on your big day.  
  • Writing your vows (I can't write them for you but I can help!)
  • ​Holding onto your speeches (wedding dresses usually don't have pockets)
  • AND MORE! (just ask!)